Chaos in my mind – August 2021

This post is intended to document the chaos in my mind, especially considering that I haven’t been to therapy in over a month now. I always feel like I have nothing to talk about. So here goes. I got a fancy new chair with lumbar support. Highly recommended. This was after looking at Herman Miller … Read more

Mutual Funds Frequently Asked Questions

This blog answers the following questions: Why should I invest in mutual funds?Why shouldn’t I invest in mutual funds?Which is the best mutual fund to invest in?What types of mutual funds are there?What is a direct mutual fund?What is a regular mutual fund?What is an asset management company?How do I pick a mutual fund?What should … Read more

Money things to do when you turn 18 in India

Get an Aadhar card and PAN card This is a requirement if you want to transact online or make a Demat account. Visit UIDAI to get or update your Aadhar card and incometaxindiaefiling to get a PAN card after you have an Aadhar card. Getting an Aadhar card and a PAN card is free for … Read more

I’m a sucker for a good course.

Coming from someone who already has 3 degrees and is on his way to a fourth, (BMM, MMS, LLB. and tentatively an LL.M next), my love for learning new things cannot be understated. One thing I’ve learned over the past few months of lockdown is that I’m a sucker for a good course, especially when … Read more

My vision for 2025

Sean Pinto is a bestselling author, writer, copywriter and marketer. He has written about diverse subjects ranging from business, technology, finance, marketing and law. He is known for his thought-provoking books, well-researched think pieces and hard-hitting copy. His articles have been published in various journals and online media. He is a regular contributor to the … Read more