My vision for 2025

Sean Pinto is a bestselling author, writer, copywriter and marketer. He has written about diverse subjects ranging from business, technology, finance, marketing and law. He is known for his thought-provoking books, well-researched think pieces and hard-hitting copy.

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His articles have been published in various journals and online media. He is a regular contributor to the New York Times, Business Insider, the Harvard Business Review, Fortune, Forbes and other publications. His views have been published in reputed national and international newspapers and online media.

He is an advocate for improving the living conditions of the poor and vulnerable sections of society and works pro-bono with NGOs in the field of poverty alleviation, education and healthcare.He believes in the power of micro-loans to rejuvenate small businesses and is a top contributor at

He is also known for his hard hitting social media campaigns that have nudged the authorities to take action in the field of healthcare, caste atrocities and social welfare schemes. A lawyer by training, he believes in the Constitution and fundamental rights for all and has spearheaded activism in relation to judicial reforms in the country.

When interviewed by our team, he attributed his success to the fact that he makes it a point to read at least one book a week, and keeps his tribe updated on his reading progress on Goodreads, which keeps him motivated. It also helps that he loves what he does.

He runs a YouTube channel where he teaches people how to get started earning a living with freelancing, talks about money and finance, mental health and documents his life experiences along the way. The objective behind his channel is to create a nation of independent, self-reliant citizens who do not settle for less than their true worth.

He lives along with his family in Mumbai, India.

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